Nica Farm Guiding Principles

Welcome to our farm, where we are following in the footsteps of Joel Salatin and his renowned Polyface Farms. Our mission is simple: to embrace regenerative agriculture and provide you with the highest quality products that are both good for you and the planet.

Regenerative agriculture is not just a buzzword - it's a land management philosophy that has been practiced by Indigenous communities for centuries. It's about working in harmony with nature, respecting the earth's resources, and prioritizing the health of our climate, ecosystems, and water quality.

At our farm, we believe in taking a holistic approach to agriculture. We raise pasture-raised meat without vaccines, ensuring that you receive meat that is free from harmful chemicals. Our fruits and vegetables are grown without pesticides, allowing you to enjoy fresh produce that is both delicious and safe for your family.

But our commitment goes beyond just providing you with healthy food. We also advocate for policies that support small and mid-sized farms, as well as socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. By investing in financial and technical resources for regenerative farming, we aim to level the playing field and create a more equitable agricultural industry.

Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future. By supporting our farm, you are not only choosing high-quality products but also contributing to a larger movement towards regenerative agriculture. Together, we can make a difference in the health of our planet and future generations.

Experience the taste of nature's bounty while making a positive impact - choose our farm today!

Our Team

Anthony Leffelaar

Co-Founder Of Nica Farm

With Entrepreneurial tendencies from a very young age, Anthony would find himself chasing down the milkman for a job. After picking fruit in his mother’s backyard, he would go knocking on doors to sell these products to create an income.

With a one-way ticket to Japan at age 15, and $500 in his pocket, he began to chase his dream of becoming a professional snowboarder.

That dream soon turned into reality, and was lucky enough to travel the globe and represent top contracts with companies such as Oakley and Burton Snowboards.

Spending his 20s as a professional snowboarder, he honed his marketing and communication skills. This leads him to co-found a lifestyle snow & skate brand. This allowed Anthony to spend time visiting factories in China and networking with the brand globally.

Since then, Anthony has been involved in multiple successful start-up projects around the globe. This has allowed him to immerse himself in a wide spectrum of industries such as; Fashion, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Property and Development.

A calculated risk-taker, Anthony is not afraid to take risks and jump in the deep end to achieve any goal or vision set on the table.

Based between Latin America and New Zealand, Anthony is now a driven Entrepreneur and athlete focused on his property and development projects.

Joel Salatin

Our Mentor

Joel Salatin is a renowned figure in the field of sustainable and regenerative agriculture. While he is not an active member of our team, we deeply respect and follow his teachings as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Joel Salatin, a farmer and author, is best known for his work at Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia. He has pioneered innovative and holistic farming practices that prioritize sustainability, soil health, and animal welfare. Salatin's approach to farming centers around rotational grazing, composting, and regenerative agriculture, which have gained international recognition for their environmental and ethical benefits.

Through his books, speaking engagements, and the success of Polyface Farms, Joel Salatin has become a prominent advocate for local, sustainable, and ethical food production. His dedication to regenerative agriculture has not only inspired farmers but has also educated and motivated a global audience to embrace more environmentally conscious and ethical farming practices.

Sergio Corrales

Legal Advisor

Sergio is both a Lawyer and Notary Public who graduated from Central American University (UCA) in the year 2000. He's been a specialist in commercial arbitration for more than fifteen years, as well as civil litigation and real


Sergio is Director of the Nicaraguan Association of Investors and Developers

(ANID), Legal Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR), President of the Nicaraguan Institute of Legal Studies (INEJ) and President of the Nicaraguan Foundation for the Development of Education, Peace and the Environment (FUNDEEPA).

Sergio speaks fluent Spanish and English and is in charge of all legal aspects for both projects, the corporate structure for Phoenix Halcyon

and between PH and QOC.

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