Return On Investment

Return On Investment

As an investor in Nica Farm, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

1. Ownership: Receive shares equivalent to 1% ownership in Nica Farm and receive 1% of profits in dividends. (Refer to the ROI Chart Below in the 1% Net Profit column)

2. Teak Investment : Obtain half an acre of freshly planted teak, ensuring long-term financial growth. (Refer to the ROI Chart Below in the Per 1/2 Acre of Teak column)

3. Food Security: Enjoy a lifetime supply of nutritious food straight from our farm delivered to your door. (Refer to the ROI Chart Below in the Food column)

4. Residency Qualification: Become eligible for a 5-year investor residency in Nicaragua. (Click Residency in the top menu)

ROI Chart

Year 1: The first and only time you Invest

Year 6: The breakeven point*

Year 9: 1st teak non-commercial thinning

Year 16: 1st teak commercial thinning

Year 20: 2nd teak commercial thinning

Year 25: Final teak harvest

*Food Value will Be $500/month by year 6. We will try and increase it depending on annual net profit. Food will also be always available to purchase at cost.

Results After 25 Years

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