Our Plan

Welcome to our exciting agricultural venture in Masaya! We have a clear plan in place that will not only provide you with a profitable investment opportunity but also contribute to the sustainable growth of our farm.

At the heart of our operation is the purchase of prime farm land in Masaya. This location offers the ideal conditions for our farming endeavors. With your support, we will build essential infrastructure, including a well, to ensure efficient water management and optimal farming practices.

Our initial focus will be on pasture-raised, unvaccinated chicken and beef production. These ventures offer the lowest barriers to entry and provide a fast path to income generation. In just 8 weeks, a chicken can be ready for processing, while a cow can reach slaughter weight within one year. We firmly believe that meat and organs are crucial elements of a balanced diet, making this an excellent market opportunity.

In parallel with our livestock operations, we will be planting Teak and other fruit trees on our farm. While most fruit trees take around 4–5 years to yield produce, Teak requires 25 years to mature fully. By starting early with these plantations, we can expedite their growth and reap their benefits sooner. Additionally, we will also cultivate small crops based on specific requests from our valued investors for their personal consumption.

Our primary goal in the first year is to generate profits through chicken and beef production, while progressively expanding every year. By doing so, we aim to cover the maintenance costs of your invested teak trees entirely. This unique approach ensures that you make a one-time payment for your investment without having any further concerns or financial obligations.

Once our poultry and livestock operations are successfully generating income, we have plans to diversify further by introducing additional revenue streams. This includes producing eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, and introducing other animals into our farm's ecosystem.

We invite you to join us in this promising venture as an investor where you can not only witness the growth and success of our farm but also enjoy the financial rewards it brings. Together, let's create a sustainable agricultural model that ensures profitability for years to come. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity – invest in Nica Farm today!

10 Year Plan

Year 1: Break Even (2024)

Niche Selection: Identify specific crops and livestock that align with sustainable and regenerative farming principles, as practiced at Polyface Farms.

Infrastructure: Secure suitable land and develop infrastructure for rotational grazing, mobile shelters, and other sustainable farming practices.

Sustainability: Implement regenerative farming methods, such as rotational grazing and composting, to restore soil health.

Marketing: Build relationships with local markets, direct consumers, and restaurants that value sustainably produced food.

Year 2: $50,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $500 (2025)

Diversification: Expand product range and focus on rotational grazing of livestock to improve soil health and reduce feed costs.

Efficiency: Implement sustainable and efficient farming practices to optimize yields and minimize waste.

Year 3: $100,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $1000 (2026)

Regenerative Farming: Further enhance soil health and nutrient cycling using composting and cover cropping.

Market Growth: Increase the number of customers and markets you serve, and consider value-added products.

Year 4: $200,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $2000 (2027)

Educational Outreach: Consider on-farm workshops, tours, and agro-tourism opportunities to educate and generate additional revenue.

Sustainability: Invest in renewable energy and water conservation to reduce operating costs.

Year 5: $400,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $4000 (2028)

Fruit Production: Fruit Trees will start producing Fruit.

Diversification: Explore opportunities for adding more crops or livestock that complement your existing operations.

Brand Building: Invest in branding and marketing to increase product recognition.

Year 6: $600,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $6000 (2029)

Scaling Up: Expand your operations further to meet growing demand.

Collaboration: Partner with local sustainable food organizations and other like-minded businesses.

Year 7: $700,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $7000 (2030)

Innovation: Continue to improve farming practices and invest in cutting-edge technology.

Community Engagement: Build strong relationships with the local community and support regional initiatives.

Year 8: $800,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $8000 (2031)

Sustainable Practices: Implement regenerative agriculture practices to enhance the farm's ecosystem and biodiversity.

Export Markets: Explore export opportunities for surplus products.

Year 9: $900,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $9000 (2032)

Regenerative Agriculture Research: Invest in research and development to push the boundaries of sustainable farming.

Legacy Planning: Plan for the long-term sustainability and succession of the farm.

Year 10: $1,000,000 Net Profit & Shareholder Dividends (1%) = $10000 (2033)

Philanthropy: Contribute to local causes and give back to the community.

Educational Institute: Consider establishing an educational institution to teach sustainable farming practices.

This plan outlines a pathway to achieving a net profit of $1,200,000 by Year 10, provided that the farming operations grow consistently and efficiently. It's crucial to remain adaptable and stay updated on industry trends and market conditions throughout the journey.

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